Immigrant rights, Worker's rights, Women's rights, Religious and minority rights, Local community organizing and advocacy

Transformational Leadership

English vocabulary for personal feelings, organizing and standing up for your rights, Introduction to local organizing, Historical figures in US history and beyond, Local advocacy and coalition building

Job Readiness

Resume workshop, Interviewing, Professionalism, Looking for a job


Feeling comfortable talking to a stranger, Expressing frustrations and feelings, Filling out an application, Basic culinary English


Navigating medical insurance, Community organizations and charities in New Haven, Scholarships and after-school programs, Childcare, Section 8 Housing, Seeking legal assistance

Food Safety

ServSafe Food Handler Certification Exam, 8-week Food Safety Course, In-kitchen training, Measurements

Digital Literacy

Basic typing, Surfing the internet, Applying for jobs online, Email, Basic workplace technology (tablets, inventory and PoS systems)

Financial Literacy

Using a bank account, Credit/debit, Scam awareness, Tax prep, Budgeting