A Closer Look at Our Fellowship

The Havenly Fellowship is a 6-month paid training program that builds community and cultivates the individual and collective leadership of refugee and immigrant women. The Fellowship combines work experience at our kitchen with daily classes in ESL, job readiness, and more. Fellows are paid 15 dollars per hour for their time both in the kitchen and learning in the classroom. This allows them to learn while working, and not have to choose between the two.

Meet the Fellows

Breaking it Down

The Fellowship Has Three Components

Job Training

Fellows work at the cafe for 360 hours over 6 months, take classes in job readiness, financial and digital literacy, food safety certification, and ESL.

Political Education

Fellows learn the language to identify the emotional and material conditions that shape their lives and to view these conditions as shapeable. Our English curriculum teaches the language through the study of the stories of women of color organizers in US history such as Dolores Huerta, Rosa Parks, and Ilhan Omar. This lays a foundation for political organizing work that we do with our alums, which fellows can choose to participate in after they graduate.


Fellows build long lasting friendships through working together, sharing lunch, social events, and wellness classes.