Congratulations to Cohort 4!

Congratulations to Cohort 4!

We are proud to have graduated a cohort of nine women - each of which is determined to build a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities. Over the past six months, our fourth cohort worked at our café and kitchen, completed workshops on financial literacy and food safety, and participated in individualized English & computer classes. 

With this programming, our fourth cohort is leaving Havenly equipped with the knowledge and the power to create more sustainable futures for themselves. All nine fellows have found opportunities to grow their careers after Havenly, with some deciding to open their own business, other pursuing nursing certificates, some joining cake styling programs, and others starting GED programs! 

Without further ado, we are excited to announce the nine graduates of the Fall 2021 Fellowship!

Badria A.
Darfur, Sudan

Badria Ali

Badria, mother of five children, migrated to the United States in 2014 after living in Egypt for a few years. Before Egypt, Badria worked on a farm in Sudan growing peanuts, okra, and garlic. Today, Badria dreams of becoming a nurse - a role she believes will allow her to serve her community. 

Hana K. 

Hana K.

Hana is a mother of three who moved to the United States in 2016. In Syria, Hana worked in a Damascan salon as a hairstylist. But her true passions lie in baking desserts, and Havenly has reinvigorated Hana’s aspirations of becoming a renowned pastry chef in New Haven. Hana is off to a cake styling course after the program.

Aisha A.
Darfur, Sudan

Aisha, originally from Darfur, lived in Egypt for several years before moving to New Haven with her five children nine years ago. Since moving, she has worked multiple jobs but has never found the opportunity to take ownership of her own schedule. Following graduation, Aisha will join the Whitney Center as a member of their dining staff. She is also studying for her GED!

Sandra T. 


Sandra is a Guatemalan mother of three who has been living in the United States for five years. In addition to organizing alongside the Semille Collective, Sandra holds a passion for food and cooking quickly made her indispensable in the Havenly kitchen. At present, Sandra is working on building her own food business, Cocina de Sandra, while getting her GED.

Jenny C.


Jenny is a member of the Semilla Collective, where she organizes for immigrant justice in New Haven. She came to East Haven from Ecuador with a Master’s degree and experience in finance and accounting, but has faced obstacles in building a career in the U.S. Jenny has developed the idea to create a cooperatively-run daycare with other women in the Havenly community, a place where differences are celebrated and nurtured. She is currently enrolled in a business development program at Cornell University. 

Amna O.
Northern State, Sudan


Amna, commonly known in the Havenly community as “Amona,” moved to West Haven from the North of Sudan with her husband and five sons. With limited English, it was difficult for Amona to gain employment. She has been able to break down these barriers during her time at Havenly, and will be working at the University of New Haven Dining Services following graduation.

Hawaye A.
Darfur, Sudan


After living as a refugee in Chad for eleven years, Hawaye moved with her four children to the United States in 2015. A true go-getter, Hawaye studied for her ServSafe examination ahead of the fellowship schedule and passed with flying colors. After Havenly, Hawaye will join Southern Connecticut University as an associate in their dining hall!

Cena D.
Al Jinena, Sudan


Cena grew up on the border of Sudan and Chad in a region called Al Jinena. Today, she lives in New Haven with her son and husband. Cena is a passionate learner, and dreams of continuing her college education here in the U.S. and becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant. 


María is a dedicated mother of 3 who came to New Haven by way of Guatemala three years ago. She provides for her family here as well as back in Guatemala, and has a dream to run her own daycare business. 

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