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Refugees in New Haven (and in the rest of the U.S.) continue to be marginalized and denied access to basic rights. As an organization, we seek to create the conditions that will make it possible for refugee women to set the priorities and strategies of their own movement for change. We know that as mothers and as migrants, they hold a depth of knowledge and wisdom that has the power to transform society into one that is more just for all.

We seek to break out of U.S.-based models of refugee integration that prioritize rapid employment and economic self-sufficiency over longer-term education and political consciousness development. Our community café serves as a learning space, source of income and advocacy network for refugee women. 

Frequently asked questions

What do we mean by "refugee"?

We use the word “refugee” as defined in its simplest sense: a person who leaves their country of origin in search of refuge in a different one.
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Which communities do we serve?

Currently, we work with women from Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region and women from Mexico and Central America. This stems from the story of our co-founder and head trainer, Nieda, who is an Arabic-speaking woman from Iraq herself.
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Where is home?

We are proud to call New Haven home, because it’s a place where the community fights for itself and for each other.

Why real?

Reason why you need a tent
Since we started selling Nieda's baklava in 2018, we've expanded our menu — and our impact. 
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Our team is made up of a group of dedicated leaders and volunteers, and supported by our board of directors and partner organizations. 
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Our local and national partners have helped make the mission of Havenly a reality. 
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