Work With Us!

If you're passionate about making a difference and want to join a dynamic team dedicated to empowering refugee and immigrant women, apply for open positions at Havenly below!

Careers at Havenly

  1. Small Business Specialist
    We are hiring a Small Business Specialist to provide individualized support, connect women with resources, and cultivate partnerships to strengthen our community's entrepreneurial ecosystem. With a focus on small business creation, we seek to support women in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, overcoming systemic barriers, and achieving financial independence.
    • Job Details: Part-time, hourly position (4 days/week, approximately 5 hours/day) starting June 1st. 
    • Qualifications: Understanding of Havenly's mission and challenges faced by undocumented immigrants; Experience working with immigrant and marginalized communities; Strong creative thinking, communication, and relationship-building skills. Fluency in Spanish preferred. 
    • For more details, please view the full job description here.
    • How to Apply: Send resume and optional cover letter to with CC to
  2. Kitchen Assistant
    We are looking for a Kitchen Assistant to support the kitchen manager in daily operations, including training, inventory management, and ensuring food safety and quality. The kitchen assistant will coordinate with staff to ensure smooth operations in manager's absence, maintaining high standards of customer service, and assist in monitoring compliance with safety and hygiene regulations, while overseeing inventory and purchasing. 

    • Job Details: Full-time (30-35 hours/week), Starting salary of $18.00 hourly
    • Qualifications: Previous kitchen management experience preferred; Fluent in English, Arabic speakers preferred; Detail-oriented, organized, and passionate about Havenly's mission. 
    • For more details regarding responsibilities, please view this full job description.
    • How to Apply: Email your resume and an optional cover letter expressing your interest to