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Our space is perfect for a speaker event, a party, or a gathering of friends! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the space available?
    Our space is always available, Monday through Saturday from 10am-7pm. 
  2. Can I get food from Havenly?
    Yes! Place an order on ourcatering website  dated for your reservation.
  3. When do I need to make a reservation by?
    We need a 48-hour notice for all events in order to ensure proper staffing.
  4. What is the capacity of the space?
    The capacity of our space is 80 people.
  5. How much does all of this cost?
    Our pricing falls on a sliding scale and depends on the specifications requested. 
  6. Do you offer complimentary WiFi?
    Yes, as well as speakers for music, and projector/event set up. We also supply drapery over the windows for any group that needs privacy!
  7. How can I reserve the space?
    To reserve our space, please email us at

Rules of the Space

Havenly is a community space. Please be respectful and treat it as your own home!  
No entry into the kitchen or office spaces please. Access only includes the bathrooms and café space.
Please do not go behind the counter or touch items in the fridge or on counter unless they are part of your catering order.
Please return objects to their initial setting.
Please clean up at the end of the event. A $100 fee will be charged if we need to clean again.